Business vs Coach Amtrak: An In Depth Comparison in 2024

TBusiness vs Coach Amtrak
Business vs Coach Amtrak

Business vs Coach Amtrak: Amtrak is a popular choice for both business and leisure travel. It is an enjoyable and scenic means of travel between major cities across America. There are certain things to consider while deciding whether to go for a business or coach class ticket.

Amenities of Business class

There are several amenities in the business class that are not available in the coach class such as;

  • Seats that are wider and more comfortable
  • More legroom
  • Greater recline
  • Power outlets
  • Free non-alcoholic beverages not offered on Acela Business Class routes)
  • Reserved seats on select routes
  • 25% bonus on Amtrak Guest Rewards Points

Amenities in Coach Class

Coach class on Amtrak still offers comfort and affordability. Coach class seats offer more space compared to airline seats as they have wide, reclining seats with power outlets. Additionally, there are no middle seats in coach class.

Amtrak Business Class vs Coach Price Difference

The difference in price between business class and coach class varies depending on the route and time of year, but generally, the former type of tickets is over two times the cost of a latter one.

Is Business Class Worth It?

Worthiness of business class lies on personal needs and preferences. If you value comfort, then the additional expense may be worth it. For a budget traveler, economy or coach class remains an ideal option.

Comparing business class to the coach class in Amtrak.

Feature of Business vs Coach AmtrakBusiness ClassCoach Class
SeatsWider and more comfortableThey are wider and more comfortable than airline seats.
LegroomMore legroomMore room than business class but less than airline seats
ReclineMore reclineLess recline than business class, yet still enough for convenience
Power outletsYesYes
Complimentary non-alcoholic beveragesYes (not offered in Acela Business Class)No
Reserved seatingOn some routesNo
Amtrak Guest Rewards bonus25%10%
PriceAbout twice the price of coach class 4990.00 This is less expensive than traveling in a business class
Business vs Coach Amtrak

Business vs Coach Amtrak Which Class Should You Choose?

Business Class

Pros: Airline seats that are wider &more comfortable, more room for legs, greater recline angle, power outlets, free tea/coffee/drinks/snacks/nonalcoholic beverages, guaranteed booking on selected trips/routes, 25% extra miles on the Amtrak Guest Rewards.

Coach Class

Pros: Cheap but comfortable
Cons: Small seats, less legroom, does not recline, no free non-alcoholic drinks, no assigned seating, 10% extra Amtrak guest reward points
The best way to decide which class is right for you is by considering your own desires and needs. If you value comfort and amenities or can afford it then business class is a great option. On the other hand, if one is on budgetary constraints or doesn’t mind traveling in a smaller seat with less leg room coach class is the way to go.

Tips for Traveling in Business Class on Amtrak

Book your tickets ahead of time so as to secure a seat as well as get the best possible price.
When travelling a popular route make sure you reserve your seat.
Arrive at the station with enough time before departure so that you can find your seat and settle in.
Drink the free non-alcoholic beverages and eat snacks.
Plug in your electronics using the power outlets.
Just take it easy.

Tips on How to Travel in Coach Class on Amtrak

For instance, carry a book, magazine or any other form of entertainment that will help you remain occupied during the journey.
Carry snacks or drinks to avoid paying high prices at the train station.
Another tip for traveling by coach class is using the free Wi-Fi offered by most Amtrak trains.
You should move every hour or so then you can avoid stiffness.
Respect others travelling with you as well.

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Bottom Line of Business vs Coach Amtrak

Business vs Coach Amtrak class offer both comfort and affordability. The category which is better suited for your needs depends on personal preferences. If luxury and convenience are important to you, and money isn’t an issue, then business class might be just what you need. On the other hand, if money is tight or legroom isn’t an issue for you then vacationing in a coach class still makes a lot of sense.

Most Important Questions Business vs Coach Amtrak

What are the major differences between Business vs Coach Amtrak?

In this case, business class means wider and more comfortable seats, that have more recline, more legroom, power outlets and complimentary non-alcoholic beverages(not offered in Acela Business Class), reserved seating on some routes & 25% point bonus for Amtrak Guest Rewards. Nevertheless, in coach class passengers are still comfortable and prices are reasonable; there are wide seats with power outlets to charge gadgets; there is no middle seat.

Business vs Coach Amtrak Which class is right for me?

Best class for you depends on individual preferences. If you want comfort and can afford it then you should consider business class. But if your budget can’t allow you to fly or you can spend shorter periods of time in cramped places then the coach is a great choice.

How much more expensive is business class than coach class?

About twice the price compared to a coach ticket. Business vs Coach Amtrak cost difference may change depending on route and season of the year.