Insurance for Cyclists Hit by Cars: Insurance for Bikers Hit by Cars

Insurance for Cyclists Hit by Cars: Insurance for Bikers Hit by Cars

Insurance for Cyclists Hit by Cars and Insurance for Bikers Hit by Cars: What You Should Know: Cycling is a great way to get around, exercise, and have fun, but it can also be dangerous. In 2020 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that over 800 cycling deaths were reported in US alone. A lot of these accidents are caused by people behind wheel.

Insurance for Cyclists Hit by Cars – Bicycle Accident Insurance hit by Cars

You never want to think about getting into an accident. Especially as someone who enjoys cardiovascular activity on two wheels, but you need to understand your options if you do find yourself in one. This article will give you a lowdown of insurance types that may provide coverage for accidents with motor vehicles.

What type of insurance covers cyclists hit by cars?

When a cyclist gets hit by a car the first place they might look at is their own auto insurance policy. In most states this policy is required and provides liability coverage which pays for all medical expenses and damages caused in an accident.

Depending on the circumstances of accident, there may be other types of insurance that cover cyclists.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM). This is very helpful if you were hit by someone who doesn’t have insurance or enough to cover your losses. With this type of coverage, you can recover damages.
Personal injury protection (PIP). Regardless of who’s at fault for the accident, PIP coverage will take care of your medical expenses and any other losses like lost wages.
Health insurance. It’s likely health insurance might also cover medical expenses after a bicycle accident. It’s important to know that some health policies may not include all types of injuries like those caused by motor vehicles.
Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. In case you get into an accident with someone who isn’t even in a car, this type of insurance will provide coverage.

How to file an accident claim for Insurance for Cyclists Hit by Cars

First thing you should do if involved in such an incident is seek medical attention if necessary. Once you’e been treated for your injuries contact the driver’s insurance company to file a claim.

To file an injury claim you need to give insurance company the following information

  • Your contact details
  • The driver’s contact details
  • Date, time, and location of the accident
  • A description of what happened during the accident and what injuries you got from it
  • All documents regarding your medical expenses and injuries

After that insurance company will look into your claim. They’ll then decide if you’re entitled to any compensation. If approved, they’ll grant you a payment that covers everything lost.

Tips for successful filing Bicycle Accident Insurance

Tips to help file a successful claim after getting injured in a bicycle accident

  • Don’t waste time. Many insurance companies have time limits on when you can file claims so it’s important to do it as soon as possible.
  • Stay organized. When filing your claim ensure you provide all necessary info.
  • Honesty is key. Being completely honest and accurate when describing the accident helps make things easier for everyone involved.
  • Show patience. Claims can take a while so don’t get too antsy

Cyclist hit by car insurance without insurance

Even without insurance, you have a few options if you’re a cyclist who got hit by a car. These will help you recover compensation for any injuries or losses.

One option is to file a claim under your own uninsured motorist coverage (UM). This covers times where you were hit by someone who doesn’t have insurance. When that happens, they won’t be able to pay for your damages. Another option is to sue the driver. But this isn’t always successful, just because you win doesn’t mean they’re able to pay you if they don’t have insurance or assets.

Last but not least, there’s the health insurance policy route. While it typically doesn’t cover all types of loss like lost wages and pain and suffering, it’s still worth a shot.

Steps you can take if you are a cyclist hit by a car without insurance

It’s important that you seek medical attention right away. You might not think you’re injured but it is crucial that you find out for sure. A doctor will be able to evaluate your health condition.
Get in contact with the driver who hit you. If possible, grab their name, address, phone number, insurance info, and license plate number.
Make a police report. The accident should be documented and what happened should be put into record.
Reach out to your insurance company. Quickly file a claim if you have UM/UIM coverage.
Consider getting an attorney because they’ll help figure out your legal rights and options, AND represent you in court if necessary

Most Important Questions Bicycle Insurance for Cyclists Hit by Cars

What insurance do cyclists get hit by cars need?

If a driver hits a cyclist with their car, then their auto insurance policy will be the first to kick in. There are other types of insurance that could help cover them too like uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM), personal injury protection (PIP), health insurance and homeowners or renters insurance.

How do you file a claim after being hit by a car while biking?

To file an accident claim after being hit by a car while biking you must get in touch with the driver’s insurance company. After that, you’ll have to give them this information: your contact info, the driver’s contact info, the date, time and location of crash, a description of what happened and documentation of any injuries and medical expenses.